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Vietnam Embassy Legalization

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Beverly Hills Apostille

Beverly Hills Apostille specialized in Document Legalization with the Vietnam Consulate in California and Vietnam Embassy in Washington DC. The Vietnam Consulate has strict requirements for document Legalization and it’s advisable to us a Legalization service in order for your documents to be processed without any delays and complication.

Vietnam is not part of the Hague Convention and will require the Authentication of the State as well as Vietnam Consulate Legalization. Personal and Commercial documents must be notarized before we can process it with The State and legalize with Vietnam Consulate. Documents issued by the State, County or Court in California must be Certified copies in order for us to be able to process the documents with the State and Vietnam Consulate. 

In order to process personal and commercial documents with the Vietnam Consulate we will need the following:

1- Original documents, Must be Notarized (Notarization is not required for County, State and Court Documents)
2- Copy of the Passport of the Applicant. 

3- Consulate order form filled out and signed.

Please email us a copy of the document to verify before mailing them to us with the
order form and payment to the address provided on the form.

Our Standard processing time with Vietnam Consulate is 10-12 Business Days

We know the process is confusing and you may have some questions. Please do not hesitate to call one of our experienced Legalization Representatives at 310-499-5905 or email us at

We are not lawyers and do not give legal advice. For legal inquiries please contact an attorney or your local bar association.

Each signer must present at least one of the forms of ID listed below. The ID must be current or, if expired, have been issued the last 5 years; contain the signer's photograph, personal description, and signature; and bear a serial or other identifying number.

 1- Driver's License or non-driver's ID card issued by U.S.A
 2- U.S. Passport.
 3- U.S. Military ID Card that contains all required elements stated above, (The common  Access Card CAC is not acceptable).
 4- Driver's License issued in Mexico or Canada.
 5- Foreign Passport stamped by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).
 6- Inmate ID Issued by the California Dept. of Corrections.

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