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V.I.P. Mobile Live Scan Service: 

Live Scan and more provides mobile VIP Live Scan service designed for the busy executive or high-profile personality whose availability to meet requirements is limited.
We have the experience in working with demanding schedules. For further information contact our office at 310-499-5905.

Ink Card Fingerprinting Services

Ink Card Fingerprinting

FBI Ink Card Fingerprinting Services (FD258 Form)  

Live Scan Fingerprinting on (FD-258) Fingerprint Card: 

We provide Ink Card fingerprinting service on form FD258 Cards, taken electronically and printed with an FBI approved printer on FD-258 Cards, Some of the reasons an FBI Ink Card fingerprinting may be requested are:

  1. To request FBI Background Check
  2. FINRA,
  3. Federal contracts and employment,
  4. National agencies mandates,
  5. Immigration and International Work Visas.
  6. Out of State Licensing
  7. Submit to Foreign Embassies.

Many police departments no longer provide this service to the public. We are one of the few agencies providing this service electronically. Reducing errors and minimizing the chance of your prints being rejected by the FBI.

FBI Ink cards can only be used for out of State Licensing or for direct submission to the FBI. For In State Licensing Fingerprints must be submitted to the Department of Justice Electronically by the Live Scan Fingerprint Submission.

Our technicians are trained and certified by the Department of Justice. You can rest assured that you’ll receive the highest quality work and best possible results when dealing with Live Scan and more.

To schedule an appointment call us at 310-901-5073 one of our experienced technicians will help you with all your questions and schedule an appointment.

Each signer must present at least one of the forms of ID listed below. The ID must be current or, if expired, have been issued the last 5 years; contain the signer's photograph, personal description, and signature; and bear a serial or other identifying number.

 1- Driver's License or nondriver's ID card issued by U.S.A
 2- U.S. Passport.
 3- U.S. Military ID Card that contains all required elements stated above, (The common Access Card CAC is not acceptable).
 4- Driver's License issued in Mexico or Canada.
 5- Foreign Passport stamped by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).
 6- Inmate ID Issued by the California Dept. of Corrections.

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